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Bonaire - Evaporative Air Conditioning

Bonaire is a well established Australian company that has been producing quality air conditioning products for over 60 years. Bonaire strives to continually improve its design, engineering and manufacturing processes using only quality materials. The company has plants located in Adelaide, SA and Leeton, and NSW. Bonaire is synonymous with innovation and quality, and is ISO90001 accredited.

The air conditioning provided by Boniare includes a Ducted Evaporative System which is a system that excels in providing air conditioning that is:



The benefits of having one of these quality air conditioner products installed include:

  • LOW RUNNING COSTS – Cools your home as much as 87% lower than other air conditioning units on the market

  • HEALTHIER – The air which is circulated is filtered

  • ENVIRONMENTLY FRIENDLY – Produces less Carbon Dioxide than other ducted reverse cycle systems

  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN – The system has a stylish low sloped design at the base to blend in with the slope of your roof


Some of the innovative technological features of the Bonaire Ducted Evaporative System include:


Manages the water quality in the unit which minimizes water usage and reduces the build-up of calcium.


The patented windings in this motor have been triple coated to ensure durability and runs so softly you can barely hear the motor.


The smaller air conditioning units use the patented Environing Fan, while larger models incorporate the patented Auswing Fan, both of which are designed for maximum and optimum performance.


The cabinets of all Bonaire products are injected with a high strength polymer which is UV resistant and provides for long lasting durability in even the harshest of weather.


Unlike most other air conditioners, which start by blowing warm air when they are turned on, the Bonaire Ducted Evaporative air conditioner will start immediately, by providing you with cool fresh air immediately!


Bonaire features several fine products including:

  • BONAIRE MAXI (designed specifically for larger homes)


Bonaire has 3 quality types of control models with greater versatility and incorporates the latest technology in all of their control models including:

  • Wireless Navigator remote control with multiple functions
  • Navigator Wall Mounted control with multiple functions
  • Slimline Digital Controller


ALL Bonaire air conditioning products come with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY on all PARTSand LABOUR.

Bonaire - Ducted Gas Heating


This system is a ducted system which distributes heated air evenly throughout your home. The ducted system is situated in the ceiling of the house.

Why Choose A Bonaire Ducted Gas Heating System?

The benefits you gain from choosing our ducted gas heating system include:

  • High Energy Efficiency based on the “Australian Approved” star rating system
  • Save Money on your Heating Costs with “Low Running Costs”
  • All Product models installed by “authorized factory-trained specialists”
  • Single or Multiple Thermostats (Control the heat distribution in the manner you choose)
  • Easy Installation
  • Revolutionary Heat Exchanger Design
  • Designed for Small Roof Spaces


Bonaire features several superior brand products including:

  • BONAIRE MB3 – The 3 star value choice
  • BONAIRE MB4 – The 4 star value choice
  • BONAIRE MB5 – The 5 star value choice

Bonaire MB3 Model

This is our most compact model and is ideal for small spaces such as compact roofs. With this model you can expect the following;

  • Choose from a range of both indoor and outdoor models
  • Receive up to a maximum of 86% energy efficiency
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic boards
  • Electronic ignition means NO PILOT LIGHT
  • Easy to use Start/Stop timer
  • State of the art technology
  • Compact stylish design
  • Comes with an upgrade option for wall mounted navigation controller
  • Internal Unit has a 3 Year domestic Parts and Labour Warranty
  • External Unit has a 5 Year domestic Parts and Labour Warranty
  • Both Internal and External units have 10 Year Parts and Labour on the Heat Exchanger and Burner

Bonaire MB4 Model

This is one of our most energy efficient models because of its unique multi-tube heat exchangers. This model also comes with:

  • Modulating Gas Valve, and
  • Modulating room air fan

These unique technological innovations minimizes gas usage AND maximizes heat transfer. This system is fully programmable with:

  • Programmable as a 4 zone system, OR
  • Option to upgrade to an 8 zone system

You can choose to control the heating in your home through either the:

  • Navigator Remote Controller, OR
  • Navigator Wall Mounted Controller

The MB4 Model provides the following benefits including:

  • All the same benefits found with the MB3 Model
  • Choice of Navigation Controllers
  • Integrated 4 zone controller, so you heat only the rooms you select
  • Auto-adjustable variable 4-speed air fan
  • Range of both Internal and External Models
  • Unique multi-tube heat exchanger
  • Induced draft combustion for greater efficiency
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Compatible with Bonaire Dual Cycle Systems
  • Option of 8 Integrated zones

Bonaire MB5 Model

This model is one of the most energy efficient 5 STAR models on the market. The MB5 model provides 90% PLUS energy efficiency because of its dual system of having both a primary and secondary heat exchanger.

Our model also comes with a “Predictive Logic Modulation System,” which modulates both the gas rate and air delivery to minimize energy consumption and inefficient on/off cycling!

The MB5 Model provides the following benefits including:

  • 90% Plus Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficient 4 Stage Heat Exchanger with a primary and stainless steel secondary
  • Choice of Navigation Controllers
  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Choose from either Natural Gas or LP Gas Models
  • Predictive Logic Modulation
  • Auto-Adjust Air Delivery
  • Choose Between a 4 Zone or 8 Zone System
  • Optional Multiple Room Sensing and Thermostat Controls
  • Induced Draft Consumption
  • Compatible with Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle System

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