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LG Electronics Air Conditioning and Energy Solution Company provides a wide range of air conditioning solutions including HVAC and energy systems for both residential and commercial needs. This company strives to be continually innovative through extensive investment in Research and Development to maintain a cutting edge as an innovative leader in the air conditioning industry. The company has won numerous awards.

All of the superior brand products featured here at Energy SA use LG’s Advanced Inverter technology to reduce energy consumption and to improve running costs.

LG models come with user friendly controls and an intuitive management system. Ourbuilt-in evaporator tray makes this product line easier to install and maintain.

Some the main features of our technologically highly advanced products include:

  • HIGH RELIABILITY AND COMFORT to provide quick, stable cooling and a wider operation range than other conventional products

  • SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY with our revolutionary inverter technology which ensures quiet operation


Our advanced technological innovations include

  • POWERFUL BLDC COMPRESSOR which comes with a neodymium magnet to improve efficiency with conventional AC inverters

  • HEAT EXCHANGER with WIDE LOUVRE FIN which can improve heat exchanger efficiency up to 28%, and applies multi V technology

  • OPTIMIZED HEAT EXCHANGER PATH to improve refrigerant cycle efficiency up to 5 %

  • SUPERIOR BLDC FAN MOTOR TECHNOLOGY to provide up to an additional operating mode up to 40% efficiency at low speed AND 20 % additional efficiency at high speed

  • INTEGRATED SAFETY TRAY to prevent damage caused by accidental leakage or blockage

  • AUXILLARY DRAIN PUMP (OPTIONAL) that automatically drains water

  • EASY SERVICING consisting of a lightweight polymer blower which makes servicing the unit more accessible and easier to service

  • LONG DISTANCE HIGH ELEVATION PIPINGon our concealed models so they can installed over a long distance and for higher elevations

  • COMPACT IDU SIZE designed to be slim with a low height body to reduce problems during the installation process

  • HIGH RELIABILITY WITH PRESSURE CONTROLto calculate, sense and control pressure with either a conventional temperature control or a combined temperature and pressure sensor control

  • E.S.P. (EXTERNAL STATIC PRESSURE) CONTROLto optimize air volume to reduce noise


Features 2 types of wall controllers including:

1. Deluxe Wall Controller (Optional)

The LG Deluxe backlit wall controller with child lock is designed to be stylish and has a touchscreen panel to control the room’s temperature and is especially a good choice for rooms with large floor areas. Also offers dual controls and allows you regulate up to 8 zone settings

2. Standard (WIDE) Controller (Optional) allows you to set the timing function for a period of one week and also comes with a backlit LCD display

Additional Control Features

  • Group Controlwhich allows control of up to 16 ducted air conditioners using a single control device through a connecting line to each of the individual units

  • Dual Thermistor Control allows you to control temperature by referring to either of the dual temperature sensors.

  • Central Controller (Optional) designed specifically for commercial applications to manage multiple air conditioner units

  • Wi-Fi Smart Controlallows to control and manage the temperature regulation of your system from your smartphone . Compatible with: (Android Phone ver. 2.3 or HIGHER ANDApple iPhone iOS6 or HIGHER)

  • WLAN Module (Optional)


LG has a broad range of both indoor and outdoor models suitable for most types of homes and commercial applications including:

  • Ducted Split System (Mid Static)

  • Ducted Split System (High Static)

Operating Range – Our models have an operating range from – 10°C to 48°C


All LG products are covered by a 5 Year Warranty on Parts and Labour for residential applications. Commercial applications have 2 Year Warranty on Parts and Labour

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