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Panasonic has been in the business of providing quality products for over 30 years and can be found in over 120 countries. Considered one of the world leaders in air conditioning, Panasonic has filed more than 91,539 patents as it strives to maintain its leading edge in technological innovation. Already renowned for its top brand name quality, the company also aims to become the No. 1 green innovation company in the electronics industry.

Panasonic is pleased to refer to their company as the DUCTED AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTSas this company has over 30 years experience and sells their product range in over 120 countries, and hold the no. 1 market share in Japan and other countries in Asia.

Panasonic provides a broad product range that are suitable for most residential dwellingsalong with commercial solutions for medium sized buildings such as offices and restaurants.

Our Class Leading Features Include:

  • LEADING ENERGY EFICIENCY – Our product range features R410A Refrigerant, DC Inverter Compressor and a DC Fan to provide a substantial financial savings, reduced environmental impact and will help you save on your energy bill

  • QUIET OPERATION – These systems are some of the quietest systems found in the world so you can sleep comfortably at night, and the outdoor unit is just as quiet so your neighbours can also have a peaceful night’s rest

  • DESIGNED FOR THE AUTRALIAN ENVIRONMENT – All models are built to withstand the rugged Australian environment and can operate in temperatures as cold as – 20°C and will still be functioning on scorching summer days up to 46°C

  • COLD DRAFTS REDUCED DURING WINTER  During the heating mode, these air conditioners employ a clever sensor technology that permits airflow to enter a room when it has been warmed, reducing cold drafts so you always feel comfortable


Our superior technological features also include:

  • Demand Response Ready
  • Panasonic Inverter Technology
  • DC Fan Motor
  • Incredibly Quiet Operation
  • Compact Indoor and Outdoor Design
  • High Static Pressure for Flexible Ducting Design

We have such confidence in all of our products that Panasonic provides a full 5 YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR WARRANTY


The controls are easy to use as all of your controls are right there at your fingertips to give you flexibility and control for all the rooms in your home or commercial business including:

  • Basic Settings for On/Off temperature adjustment
  • Operation Mode
  • Fan Speed Adjustment
  • Weekly Timers
  • Zone Control
  • Large LCD Display or Optional Backlit Mini Controller which can be installed in your bedroom


Panasonic aims to become the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry

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