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Samsung is a leader in the Australian air conditioning industry. The company provides an array of both residential and commercial systems and are synonymous with quality for every affordable budget. Some of the unique aspects of their product range include integrated Wi-Fi for your system and all their products come with the all important 5 year warranty.

Samsung is not only renowned for their technological innovation but also has the proud distinction as being named one the best global brands.

The Samsung system is an inverter reverse cycle ducted air conditioning system that not only allows to cool each room of your home during hot seasons, but also allows you to heat your home during the cooler winter season.

The Samsung ducted air conditioning system includes:

Controller – Stylishly designed and uses intuitive features to select both temperature and fan speeds. Comes with either a standard or more premium model.

Standard Controller Features:

  • Intuitive control
  • On/Off Timer
  • Built-in Room Sensor
  • Upper/Lower Temperature Limit Setting
  • Automatic Stop Function
  • Child Lock
  • Button Permission Levels
  • Filter Replacement Alert

Premium Controller Features:

  • Includes ALL STANDARD Controller Features PLUS
  • Real Time Clock Function
  • Clear and Bright Backlit LCD Screen
  • Weekly Operation Scheduler
  • Outdoor Unit – The Samsung Smart inverter circulates the refrigerant to the indoor unit and contains both a fan and the heat exchanging coil

  • Indoor Unit – Hidden from view, this unit allows for either the cooling or heating capability using a heat exchanging coil

The Samsung Smart Inverter

One of Samsung’s unique technological innovations is its “Smart Inverter”which allows you to maintain the ideal temperature without having to turn on or shut off the compressor.

This dynamic benefit reduces wear and tear on the system as it automatically adjusts the system to respond to temperature variations!

Has a cooling operating range of -15°C – 50°C and a heating operating range of -20°C – 24°C

The Samsung 5 Year Warranty

Samsung also backs up the quality of its products with a 5 Year Warranty on Parts and Labour.Samsung also has a product customer support line for any customer assistance.

MEPS Compliant

All Samsung air conditioning products meet the Government’s Minimum Energy Performance Standards

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