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Go on holidays. Get paid.

Making money on unused solar is just one of its many benefits.

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Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill.

Going Solar is a great investment that has never been as good as it is right now. System prices are cheaper than ever, and despite talk of reduced tariffs, if you’re able to use power while the sun is shining, then you really aren’t affected by the tariff. We have seen home owners and businesses achieve amazing results with the current tariffs. Below is just one example.

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Use your solar at night. Install batteries or get battery ready.

Rather than selling your excess generated power, why not store it and use it when you need it. Power storage is here now and is accessible to everyone.

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Go on holidays. Get paid.

Getting paid for what you don’t use.*

Most energy companies in South Australia will pay you a feed-in tariff for the solar energy you don’t use. So if you’re at work during the day, or if you’ve finally gone on that holiday you’ve always wanted, your house will be working on your behalf.

*Energy SA is not an energy supplier, and is therefore not responsible for the feed-in tariff.

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Pay less. Pay cash.

If you pay cash, you pay less. Simple.

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You want it, we’ve got it (and if not, we can get it for you). At Energy SA, we pride ourselves on selecting the brands that are best suited to your needs. But if you’ve done your research and know exactly what you want – whether that’s an Enphase system with online monitoring, or if you’re interested in Jinko solar panels, our passion is to find the best investment for your money.

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A great investment.

Return on Investment

With ever increasing power costs, we are seeing a typical return on investment of between 20 – 30%. Compare that with the average return on the share market or from money in the bank, you’ll see that solar really is a sound choice.

Add Value to your Home

In addition to your return on investment, solar systems can also add value to your home, especially as more and more home buyers are looking for solar. In fact, we have had firsthand experience of a customer who couldn’t sell their home for an extended period, until they installed a solar system, which actually assisted in the sale of their house.

Landlords: Charge More Rent. Tenants: Pay Less Electricity.

Having solar in a rental home can be a win for everyone. Tenants pay less electricity, but landlords can charge more rent. We have seen situations like this, firsthand.

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Cool your home - free!*

Ever wish you could come home from work to a cool house in summer, but without the cost and energy waste? Solar is the answer. With a solar power system installed in your home, you can potentially eliminate the cost of cooling!*

*The energy/cost offset from your solar power system varies depending on the size of your system and the power used by your heating, cooling and other appliances. It is very viable to acclimatise your home during daylight hours for free, in preparation for the evenings. However, Energy SA does not guarantee free energy, as there are many factors involved in the delivery of energy. Energy SA will do all they can to find the system that is right for you. For more peace of mind, enquire about a solar system that gives you instant monitoring and you’ll know exactly when you start paying for electricity, and when you’re getting it for free!

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Pay no interest - ever!

With Certegy’s ‘Pay No Interest, Ever’ options available, you can get started with a Solar Energy System today, without the fear of a growing debt.

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Professional installations.

With over a decade of experience in the Solar & Air Conditioning trade, Energy SA are professional at every level – from customer service right through to installations and follow up support.

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Competitive prices.

Whatever system you’re looking for, no matter the size or brand, we’re one of the most competitively priced installers in Adelaide.

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Working with some of the world’s most trusted brands in solar.

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