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Solar Power with Government Rebates & Incentives

The Federal Government’s STCs scheme is still currently available to assist in offsetting the cost of purchasing a solar panel system in South Australia, throughout 2018.

Small scale technology certificates (STCs) are a tradeable commodity attached to eligible installations of solar energy systems. Under the Government’s Renewable Energy Scheme, when you install an eligible system, you may claim a set number of these STCs.

This number is based on the amount of electricity in megawatt hours generated by your solar panels over the course of their lifetime of up to 13 years, where one STC equals one megawatt hour of electricity generated.

"Save more with Government Rebates & Incentives."

The number of certificates you can claim will vary depending on your geographic location, whether your installation is eligible for Solar Credits, and the size and capacity of the installed system. For example, a 1.5kW solar panel system in Adelaide, South Australia is eligible for 31 STCs, in Hobart Tasmania this same system is eligible for only 27 STCs.

Whether you’re committed to helping our planet or looking for ways to control your increasing electricity bill, solar power systems offer ongoing benefits and are a great investment for all.

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