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LG Solar

LG is a leader in renewable solar energy with high efficiency panels, generating electric power via photovoltaic systems.

Many of LG’s panels in Australia are used on grid as part of residential solar systems, but there is also now an increased use of renewable power for commercial solar energy power systems.

There are specific features of LG modules such as:

  • LG offers one of the most efficient panels with their high efficient 315W plus NeON range
  • A 12 year solar module manufacturer’s warranty and a 25 year output warranty
  • A transferable warranty. When you sell your premises, the original warranty continues. A number of competitors do not offer a transferable warranty

Tier 1 Panels

Enhanced Performance & Aesthetics

12 Year Product Warranty


  • More power per square metre
  • 25 Year Performance Warranty (83.6% warranted output after 25 years)
  • Proven field performance
  • Additional certification for salt mist corrosion to maximum severity 6, ammonia resistance certification and PID resistance tests
  • Strict quality control – 500+ monitoring points
  • Multi Anti-Reflective coatings for increased light absorption
  • Improved high temperature performance
  • Cello Multi Wire busbar cell technology
  • Low LID (Light Induced Degradation)
  • Extensive testing programme
  • Cyclone wind load resistance
  • Fully automated production, ensuring consistency between panels

*Some features only available in select models.

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