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Reposit Power.

Intelligent storage management that learns, saving you money.


Energy to enjoy the day.

Come rain, hail or shine.

Bring genius into your home by adding Reposit storage management to your battery.

Reposit software works with your battery and inverter, and learns your energy habits to lower your power bills.

Reposit will store the excess solar you produce during the day, so you can use cheap and clean solar energy at night.

Reposit will help you sell your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits™ and lowering your power bill.

Be less dependent on the grid with Reposit.

Sell excess power.

Become a smart consumer and sell excess power back to the electricity grid when prices are highest. Earn GridCredits* and lower your power bill.

Enjoy lower power bills.

Reduce your reliance on the grid with Reposit. Reposit knows how much solar power your system will produce and constantly makes decisions to lower your energy costs.

Continual energy monitoring.

Know your energy consumption, solar generation, battery behaviour and energy costs in real-time. Monitor your usage and get predictions 24 hours in advance.

A quick installation. A lifetime of savings.

Getting Reposit in your home is easy. Our trained installation partners will have it up and running in your household in no time.

Making a world of difference.

Join the community of homeowners that are revolutionising the electricity grid.

How Reposit fits in the electricity grid

Electricity Generators

Electricity is bought and sold on a wholesale ‘spot’ market based on supply and demand. As solar and wind continue to replace coal and gas, storage is needed to cover any shortages in supply during times of low wind or sun.

Electricity Distributors

Electricity Distributors are responsible for managing the network of poles and wires that transport electricity from generators to your home. As part of this they ensure the supply of electricity is safe and reliable.

Electricity Retailers

Electricity retailers are responsible for buying energy from the ‘spot’ market and reselling it to you. Reposit helps change the way retailers pay homeowners for their solar power. Selected electricity retailers are now rewarding homeowners who own Reposit solar battery systems by paying them higher rates for their energy when the ‘spot’ price is high.


Without a Reposit battery system, homeowners miss out on the real value of their energy.

Reposit Homeowners

A Reposit battery system minimises the consumption from the grid as much as possible. As well as finding the best price to sell your excess energy, Reposit also knows when your energy is cheapest and stores this cheap energy for when you need it.


Is Reposit for me?

Yes! Reposit is for anyone who wants to save money on electricity. If you’re interested in going solar, interested in battery storage or even if you already have a fully functioning system installed, Reposit can help you save.

Is my system compatible?

Yes! Reposit is compatible with a most brands of inverters and batteries. If you’re not sure, send us an enquiry, and we’ll help to answer your questions.

Do I need to have batteries already?

No. Reposit First is a standalone monitoring system that can help you monitor your electricity usage from anywhere in the world.

However, if you want to make the most of your solar system and save more money, consider adding batteries so that Reposit can start making you money!

Where can I find more information?

To find out more, go to

Sign me up! How do I get it?

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A South Australian accredited partner.

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